Making Bannock for Backpacking


A long time favorite for backpacking or simply for eating something good is to make Bannock. Bannock is basically bread, which was utilized by the American Indian for hundreds of years. It can be made from just about any flour. The basic recipe is:

Basic Bannock Mix

  • 1 cup flour (white or a mixture of white and whole wheat)
  • 1 tsp. baking powder (don’t add too much baking powder unless you like the taste of aluminum)
  • 1/4 tsp. salt


  • You may also need some form of oil to cook the bread or keep it from burning. I like to carry a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil with me, but some people prefer a more buttery taste. If you like that as well try using Ghee. It is clarified butter that does not require refrigeration. A can of Ghee will generally last about 3 months before it starts to expire. Sometimes longer though depending on the brand and the climate.
  • I take the ingredients shown above and put them into a zip lock bag. When I am ready to prepare the bread I put in 1 1/2 cups of water and stir the mixture. You may have to add a little more water, so have extra. You want the mixture to be like the consistency of cake batter. Once it is, you simply take a spoon and get meatball sized amounts of the dough and put it into the oil in your frying pan. Once it starts to brown on the bottom just flip the dumplings over and in about 5-6 minutes they will be done. Repeat as necessary.
  • Other items you may want to include in the mix is Parmesan Cheese, Raisins, cranberries, nuts, or any other dried fruit you like. You can also just cook the bread and afterwards put PB&J on them, or butter, even powdered sugar, etc. The options are endless.

This is a great option for backpacking because you can carry several ziplock bags of it, and it makes a nice cozy and comforting snack on the trail.

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